Do I Need Storage Insurance?

At Saver Storage, insurance or tenant protection is required to rent a unit. You may use an existing homeowners or renters insurance policy, or you can enroll in our separate Tenant Protection Plan coverage through Saver Storage.

What Does Your Protection Plan Cover?

The biggest differene with our Tenant Protection Plan and typical insurance is that we offer no deductible, full replacement cost value, and coverage for more incidents:
  1. Claims with NO DEDUCTIBLE
  2. REPLACEMENT cost for lost goods
  3. Protection against FIRE
  4. Coverage for THEFT
  5. Safeguarding against WINDSTORM
  6. Protection in case of a FIRESTORM
  7. Coverage for WATER damage caused by leaks
  8. RODENT coverage

How Much is Your Protection Plan?

We have multiple options depending on how much coverage you need. Our plans start at $7 per month for small units and $1,000 of coverage, up to $26 per month for $5,000 worth of coverage.

Can I Use Homeowners or Renters Insurance?

Homeowners insurance typically covers storage units. However, you should always check the coverage section in your insurance policy to see what’s covered before making a decision. If stored items aren’t covered by your homeowners insurance, you might benefit from adding coverage with your homeowners insurance provider or through other means, such as third-party protection plans.

Renters insurance usually includes off-premises coverage, which generally includes belongings kept in a storage unit. However, your policy may only offer a percentage of the initial coverage amount or have a high deductible. Supplemental coverage with your insurance provider or through a third-party protection plan might make sense for you in this case.

What If I'm Storing a Vehicle?

At this time, outdoor parking spaces do not require insurance coverage at Saver Storage. However, we highly recommend carrying your own auto insurance policy for any vehicle that you may store. Our Tenant Protection Plan does not currently offer coverage for outdoor vehicle storage.

For Vehicles stored inside an enclosed storage unit, we require insurance or a protection plan. Our separate Tenant Protection Plan woudl meet the lease requirement and give you added protection and peace of mind.