Saver Self Storage

2910 Kurt St, Eustis, FL 32726
Current Customers: 352.483.1083

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4 Stars - 4 Reviews
What's Saver Storage doing with deposit money??? hmmm
October 21, 2019
End of Feb. 2019. I won an auction from an online site. Locker was at this US storage Facility on 2910 Kurt St. Now called Saver Storage I believe. I properly as per contract cleaned out the locker, and would return in a few days to receive my $100. Cleaning deposit. Days later, the facility manager "Lissette" sends me an email that I've been seen on camera leaving a piano in the hallway.(Admitted lie) Move it or I'm keeping the $100. .. And then threatened to tell this story to the auction site I use to cause me harm. After several emails and her admitting what she accused did not happen, I still had to demand the return of my deposit or would take legal action. After a month later, the manager had more nonsense to say, but included my $100. would be returned. I've given this facility my address to send my deposit as they said they would do.It's nearing November 2019. About 9 months and it has not been returned. Is the owner of this facility interested in what this employee is doing with my deposit money? As for the question asking if I would like to be contacted, I would very much so. Not by this Lissette person. I would love to know when Saver Storage will be mailing my deposit.
February 22, 2019
Clean facility, Amazing manager ***** Lisette ***** Highly Recommended
Awesome Service!
Brenda B.
January 4, 2019
New Owners! Great amenities! Love the Manager, Ms. Lisette! She will definitely take care of you!!
Great Place
Ed K
December 25, 2018
Really Nice Storage, I love the 24 hour access and nice air conditioning.
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